The game of FootGolf is growing in popularity. The many associations established in countries around the world are now working together to develop this game.
In countries as far afield as the United States and Argentina, the popularity of the FootGolf movement is increasing rapidly with thousands of players participating. This has resulted in a large number of courses being opened to enable enthusiasts to enjoy the sport.
FootGolf was invented in Holland in 2009 but really started to take off in 2012, when 6 countries, including Italy, established the FIFG - The Federation for International FootGolf ( To date, the International Federation boasts more than 35 member countries on 5 continents, 2 Organised World Cups, as well as continental tournaments (European FootGolf Tour and US Tour). Starting this year, there is also a World Tour, with over 250 tournaments worldwide. During the tour, World Rankings will decide the world’s best FootGolf players from among the more than 30,000 participants around the world.
The sport and its rules are largely the same as golf, but instead of a golf ball players use a regular football (size 5) and the holes are 50 centimetres in diameter. Obviously, players don’t use clubs or sticks. Instead, they kick the ball around a golf course whose length has been adapted. The FootGolf holes are placed on the fairway (or first cut of rough), and players wear 5-a-side soccer shoes instead of football boots, so they don’t damage the ground. Since 2012, the rules governing FootGolf have gradually been diverging from those of golf, a sign that it’s becoming a fully-fledged, independent sport in its own right.


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